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zomg a post. what is this.


As I said to a comment "a recent and interesting email I received caused me to hop back on here realizing I hadn't done anything on LJ for ages."

So hi. I'm alive. Things I've done since last update (holy fuck it's been nearly a year?):

Bought a car. Pontiac Solstice. Midnight blue convertible with a tan cloth top. <3
Played many games, with WoW and X3:Terran Conflict being the majority of the time wasters.
Visual novels I've played recently/since then has been... assuming I remember them all... In no particular order:
Nursery Rhyme by Lump of Sugar (Kriel is win. The cat [Az] is almost as win. I really want to write this up. And yeah it's from 2005 but still only recently played.)
Shuffle! Essence+ by Navel
Seirei Tenshou by Xuse (Though briefly; two play-throughs with Luu. Pretty cool game, though I absolutely suck at side-scrolling shooters. And those fish can go fucking die in a fire. Seriously.)
Neko Koi by Whirlpool (Still working on. I am sad that Sakuya wasn't really a main character, but I'm not done yet so who knows.)
Tenshin Ranman by Yuzusoft (All around awesome.)
I've got mimi wo sumaseba, stellar theater (because of Suzuhira Hiro) and memoria sitting around but I haven't been arsed to really play them yet.
And... apparently I tossed the rest or they've been misplaced. I know there were more but apparently they failed or are lost, possibly forever.

And Sindragosa needs a lozenge. And my guild needs to down her already. D:

I sleep now.
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