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So I got a summons for jury duty. Wonderful. It'll be my luck it's some murder case that spans months.

Wrath of the Lich King is destroying my free time. :(


So this is the second time I've been sent the wrong item in one of my orders from this place. This time they asked for photographs for confirmation. I bet they think I'm trying to swindle them. It's not my fault they can't ship stuff right! D:

I also found out my brother and his woman may be moving in for a few months while they sort a few things out and get things together. That'll be interesting.

May have chapter 9 done tomorrow. Haven't had a ton of free time lately.

Haha. That's great.

So, I randomly stumbled across a fansite wiki of translation projects (http://www.tsukuru.info/tlwiki/index.php?title=Category:Off-site_Ongoing_Visual_Novel_Projects), and after clicking a few links (see above), I discovered someone had found my LJ and posted me for translating Seinarukana. That's great.

If anyone from there stumbles across this. Hi!

I'm a little amazed someone not only stumbled across it, but decided to link it somewhere.

I've been exposed D:

I'll finish it some day. And, obviously, excuse my shitty translating skills. When I'm done I'll run back through and clean shit up. Then work on the fandisk.


So. Two of my orders that I made last week came in this week. The first had three items, one of which was incorrect, so they're sending me a new one, and I get to keep the mistake. Yay for me.

The second order is just all sorts of awesome.

But I won't mention what any of it is. lawl.

Finally, the fall anime season is shaping up to be rather nice, with about 9 shows I'm watching, compared to the two or so last season I followed. A few haven't aired yet, but the ones that have are pretty awesome so far.

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So I heard a song today that I hadn't heard in quite some time...

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people-eater.

It was.

Hard drive says 'wut'

I normally stop my antivirus scans, just because. They start at 8 am, I believe, and right now it's 5 past 6 pm, and it's still going. I really need to clean out some cobwebs.

Witty subject line.

Still working on 8. I'll post seven when I get off my lazy ass. Not that anyone cares.

My copy of the Seinarukana Special Fan disk came in today, and it's sitting next to the special edition of the original game. Huzzah.

It's also quite hot in here. 85.

Fuh. I want to get into the WoW beta.

More news at 11.